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Special Session Proposals

Special sessions complement the regular technical program by highlighting new and emerging research topics, or innovative applications of established theoretical approaches. The topic of a special session proposal should be timely and compelling.

While we welcome special sessions in all areas of Nanotechnology, priority will be granted to proposals focusing on aspects inherent to the research topics of interest to the IEEE-NANO scientific community. High consideration will be given to proposals for the discussion of particularly-relevant open problems, which currently limit the scope of the respective applications.

The participation of speakers from the industry in a special session is encouraged, and will be positively evaluated during the assessment of the respective proposal.

Please note that each paper, intended for a special session, will be subject to the same peer-review process as any regular paper.

  • Instructions for Special Session Proposals

Please submit proposals (maximum 3 pages) in pdf format via e-mail to the Special Session Chair before February 27th 2022. A proposal should include the following information:


1. Title and Abstract

Propose a title and an abstract, containing at most 100 words, describing clearly and coincisely the significance of the research focus area under analysis in the proposed special session, and highlighting, very importantly, its relevance in the context of the IEEE-NANO conference.
2. Rationale

Explain the extent to which the topic of the special session is novel and timely, why it is of interest to the IEEE-NANO community, and how it may contribute to innovation in any of the fields of focus in this conference.
3. Proposed Speakers

Provide a list of written and oral contributions to the proposed special session, providing, for each paper, the names and affiliations of all co-authors, as well as the contact e-mail of the speaker. Typically, a technical session hosts 5 presentations, and each one of them is associated to a 4-page paper submitted for inclusion in the conference proceedings. In exceptional cases (e.g. in case of talks from the industry, or presentations delivered by world-renowned speakers), it may be possible to accommodate sessions of fewer talks of longer duration, and/or some of the presentations may be hosted without the request to submit an accompanying paper. In these situations, please contact the Special Session Chair in advance (before submitting your proposal) to explain the rationale of your request.
4. Biographies

Provide a short bio-sketch of the special session proposers. Important aspects in the evaluation of the special session proposals will be the timeliness of the scientific area under focus, the track record of both proposers and speakers, the coherence of the session schedule, and the expected value added to the overall technical program. Notifications of acceptance/rejection will be provided by the 15th of April 2022.
  • IEEE NANO 2022 Special Session Chair
    Dr. Alon Ascoli, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Technische Universität Dresden, 01069 Dresden, Germany,
    e-mail: alon.ascoli@tu-dresden.de

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